Branding, Marketing Strategy, Video Production, Creative Strategy, Animation

The Client

A streaming TV service, offering its content, sourced from leading international and local media publishers, to its Israeli clientele.

The Project

Introduce Cellcom’s new TV streaming platform to the Israeli market and position the telecom company as the most innovative new player in the market.

The Process

We’ve designed an energized, modern visual language aimed to excite viewers about Cellcom’s exclusive offering. A series of intriguing clips from Cellcom TV’s content were woven to create a vibrant visual collage of what customers could expect to see in this new service.

The Result

Within one year of launching the Cellcom TV platform, Cellcom has established itself as a leader, amassing more than 100K users, and rising…
Cellcom TV was so thrilled with the results, they tapped Lampa Creative to produce more highly engaging content to continually connect and engage with clients in addition to communicating important information in a dynamic way.