Branding, Marketing Strategy, Video Production, Creative Strategy, Animation

The Client

Sderot, a city in Israel,  once known for being a one of a kind oasis in the arid desert landscape but better known for its geographical lines. Sderot has undergone an artistic rejuvenation in recent years.

The Project

How to change Sderot’s image from that of a city entangled in political chaos to one of a lively, bustling metropolis?

The Process

Our solution was to help the city find its new voice through its citizens.

We created a new visual language and interviewed a wide variety of people who moved and thrilled us as well as the viewers.

The Result

By exhibiting city residents interwoven with the new projects, cultural centers and museums they were involved with, the video was able to change the dialogue about the city away from the political and instead, shed a spotlight on the warmth and humanity within.