Virtual Reality, Marketing Strategy, Video Production, Creative Strategy, Animation

The Client

SpaceIL, an Israeli nonprofit, was founded with the initial goal of entering and winning the Google Lunar XPRIZE, but more importantly developed a mission to educate and inspire the next generation of Israelis.   

The Project

In anticipation of Space Week, the SpaceIL team wanted to spark the wonder and curiosity of Israeli children through an experience that would create excitement about the upcoming launch and the amazing impact SpaceIL was having on Israeli science and engineering sectors.

The Process

A unique virtual reality experience for viewers was the perfect match. We took the audience to the moon, following the same journey that the SpaceIL vehicle will travel, in an interactive educating and exhilarating journey through space.

The Result

The VR experience gained much momentum during Space Week 2016 and demand for distribution skyrocketed. The entire experience was shared in schools and universities in the country and around the world and will continue to during “Space Week 2017” and beyond.

The Result

In addition to being the No.1 attracting in the Space Week events, among school children and adults, the VR experience has been, and still is, presented as an exciting way to learn about SpaceIL’s journey – around the world.